Easter Choctails

Available 21st March – 2nd April.

Cocktails are obviously the greatest thing in the world, but we think chocolate comes a very close second…

And it seems like you guys agree: our iconic Chocolate Martini is only getting more popular, with a whopping 59,090 sipped last year. Yep, we did the maths... that equates to over TEN THOUSAND LITRES of chocolate heaven!

Plus, this year: our newest addition The CocoBunny is the ultimate must-try featuring the very best of Vegan ingredients and treats for all.

So with Easter just around the corner, we’ve shaken up some seriously indulgent ingredients to bring back our most deliciously naughty cocktail range ever… The Easter Choctails.

p.s. they’ll be priced at just £6 all night at our Easter Sunday party… so it’s your perfect opportunity to try all three!

The CocoBunny (Vegan)

Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Kalani Liqueur and Briottet Crème de Cacao mixed with Cacao Powder, Oatly Cream and Oatly Chocolate Drink and topped with a Vegan Coconut Cream Float and Ombar Chocolate Buttons.

Our exclusive Vegan choctail is sure to be the highlight of this chocolatey trio, a rich and creamy cocktail: the ultimate Easter must-try. 

The Chocolate Martini

Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur & Briottet Crème de Cacao liqueur, shaken with Double Cream & Chocolate Powder served with a dark chocolate stick

One of our all-time favourites. The Chocolate Martini is a must for all occasions (and you can find it on our Main Menu throughout the year!), this never failing staple to anyone’s unrelinquishing thirst for all things Chocolatey – a soft well balanced blend of Vanilla, Cacao, Cream and Hazelnut liqueur; you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried one until now!

White Chocolate Martini

Absolut Vodka, Crème de Cacao Blanc, White Chocolate Mozart Liqueur and Courvoisier VS are shaken with Double Cream and Dash Aztec Chocolate Bitters.

Due to the popularity of our chocolate martini we just HAD to switch it up this Easter, with our exclusive and decadent White Chocolate Martini. Rich and creamy, the perfect dessert for all those with a sweet tooth.