The Valentine's Sultry Kiss

Whether you're on a 2017 self-love mission (complete with All The Single Ladies theme tune) or planning a traditional romantic weekend with your partner, Valentine's Day is ALWAYS improved with a cocktail or two. This year our talented Product Innovation and Development Manager, Tom has created the ultimate love potion; The Sultry Kiss.

Combining Beefeater gin, Aperol, Licor 43, homemade hibiscus syrup and fresh egg white with a zesty touch of lime, consider this the perfect balance of citrus and floral flavours. Each ingredient has been chosen for its traditional aphrodisiac properties, and of course it wouldn't be V Day without roses... To make it truly instagrammable, Tom has added a rim of sweetened coconut flour, garnished with a single red rose petal. Swoon!!!

The Sultry Kiss is priced at just £7 from Saturday 11th February to Tuesday 14th February.

So what about the big weekend itself? If you're just too glam to give a damn, come celebrate with us on the 11th at our exclusive Valentine's party, hosted across all eight of our Dirty Martini venues!