Easter Choctails

Lets just start off by saying Easter is BRILLIANT. A 4 day
weekend where its practically a rule to eat enough chocolate to sink a ship?

To celebrate the most indulgent of holidays, here at Dirty
Martini, we have decided to combine all the best parts of the Easter Bank Holiday….

You know what they say, a picture says a thousand words. So….

But as always, we don’t do things by halves at Dirty Martini and our Choctails are no exception. By mixing premium spirits with a delicate balance of flavours such as coffee, chocolate and coconut.

Right, enough small talk, let’s introduce you..

Caffè Chocchiato.

Think sophisticated mocha vibes, an Espresso Martini made long with chocolate and cream. Mixing, Absolut vodka, chocolate liqueur, coffee, milk and cream, Oh and it's served with a chocolate crisp. (Dipping is encouraged) DELISH!

Coco Loco

Chilli and chocolate go hand in hand. It’s science. But do you
know what else goes hand in hand? A.CHOCOLATE. CORNET. FILLED. WITH. CREAM.

Ok, now we have your attention. The Coco Loco is a subtle blend of Havana Especial rum, Malibu, chocolate, chilli, milk and cream.  Rich and warming, you will go crazy for these…(pun intended)

Cookie Kiss

but certainly not least, indulge in the creamy Cookie Kiss, featuring Martell VS, crème de
cacao, Amaretto, butterscotch, white chocolate liqueur, milk, cream and
chocolate bitters, topped with a cookie crumble.

Delicate, well balanced and content gold!

So, there you have it. The only question left is which one to try first?


Caffè Chocchiato: £9, Coco Loco: £8.50, Cookie Kiss: £8

Available in Bar until April 22nd

All Easter Choctails 2 for £10 on Easter Sunday, get all the details here!