Halloween Chic

This year’s Dirty Halloween theme is GLAM CHIC, and we expect you to go all out. No boring bunny ears, no painted on whiskers and definitely no old sheets with eye holes allowed!

Here’s a couple of seriously glamorous costume ideas to get you started…


  • Jessica Rabbit

She may be animated, but Jessica Rabbit is definitely one of the most iconic glamorous characters of all time. Heidi Klum went all out with 8 hours of make-up and prosthetics at her Halloween party, but we think a hip-hugging red dress and purple gloves will get the point across just fine!

purple-gloves red-dress

  • Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Ok, we predict there will be multiple Harley’s kicking around Halloween this year, but who can blame us? Equal parts sexy and psychotic, her costume is easy enough to put together. As long as you don’t mind flashing a little leg…

body-suit bomber hair-spray

  • Sandy from Grease

Sandy oozed glamour, from her blonde perm and bad-babe cigarette, all the way down to her leather leggings. We can’t all expect to look like Gigi in this costume, but you’d be surprised what a pair of red heels and a dash of Mac’s famous Ruby Woo does for a girl’s confidence!

leggings lipstick shoes


  • Cher from Clueless

One of our favourite fashionista film icons, Cher has some great costumes to choose from – just don’t forget the fluffy pen and pigtails.



  • Bonnie & Clyde

If you aren’t flying the single flag this year, be one of *those* couples (queue eye roll) with a coordinated costume. Our top pick is the tragic lovers Bonnie and Clyde, because who doesn’t love dressing up as a glamorous, gun-wielding gangster?

hat skirt

  • Cruella de Vil

Monochrome is always on-trend, and has there ever been a more glamorous villain than Cruella de Vil? Leave the Dalmatian at home (we’ll allow a stuffed version), but definitely go all-out with the hairspray and vintage cigarette holder.

coat      glovesfur


  • The Vogue crew

Taking inspiration from the gods and goddesses of glam themselves, gather your squad and dress as the fashion industry’s hottest foursome - Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Karl Lagerfeld and André Leon Talley. From Anna’s sunglasses and Grace’s flaming hair to Andre’s signature black kaftan and Karl’s leather jacket, this is a group costume effort that will win you serious #SquadGoals

dress  jacketsunnies