Haunt it Witches!

Whether channelling your inner Sabrina or Maleficent continuing reading for how to create your Halloween witches outfit; sure to leave others dead with jealousy!

Glamour Glitter

As Mean Girls taught us, Halloween is about looking fierce not frightening, and how better to add some glamour than with glitter that makes jaws drop.

There are some incredible glitter suppliers these days, with basic glitter a thing of the past. Check out the Gypsy Shrine the rock stars of glitter with a great selections of premium options.

When it comes to the look, bigger is better. Start with a smokey eye and from there layer up for a suitably spooky sparkly witch. Use a variety of dust and gems to give texture to your look.

Witch please! I don’t do my own makeup!

Then we’ve got you covered with free face glitter on offer between 8-10pm at all our Dirty Martini Halloween parties.

Bow Down Witches

Here are our top 3 witchy wonders if you’d prefer to go iconic and style yourself on a spooky sensation we know and love.

  1. Sabrina

90s icon, Sabrina Spellman is a great cutesy option for Halloween. Grab yourself a LBD, a choker and a Kirby grip and you’re 90% there! Be aware Dirty Martini has a no cat policy, talking or not talking.  Sorry Salem!

  1. Maleficent

For the haunting good looks of Angelina, that were too much for Brad, try a Maleficent look. You can purchase the infamous horns online, grab a thick black choker, and finish with a blood red lip. Try contouring those razor sharp cheek bones with glitter for a sparkly edge.

  1. The White Witch

Potentially a good choice if you get cold easily, the White Witch loves a fur to wear with her icy crown. Pair with a white lace dress and you’ll look like you’ve stepped straight out of Narnia. Dreadlocks optional with this witch, but we’d suggest a wig rather than going too extreme.


Fang-cy Tights

One of Autumn/Winter 2017 trends lends itself to the witches fashion perfectly. Take your lead from the runway and incorporate some eye catching tights to any outfit. With so many different patterns and varieties out there tights are a simple addition that can bring your whole outfit together. Choose to go for a more subtle gothic accent with an oversized fishnet or galaxy inspired design, alternatively go head to toe Halloween with a bat pattern.