International Women's Day

2019 is the year of #BalanceForBetter as Women all around the world celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th.

We're really proud to have some amazing women working throughout the business; from head office through to the fierce female DJ's in our venues! We wanted to shine a light on the extraordinary women serving you behind our bars...

  • Name: Rowan
  • Bar: Cardiff
  • Favourite drink to make: Verdemare because it's super refreshing and something a bit different.
  • Why she loves being a bartender: I love working in a fast paced environment and meeting new people. And I’m a complete night owl which is good in this job!
  • Funniest moment: One time I knocked the bar shelf down and had 20 bottles fall around me with NO broken bottles! Watching CCTV of my reaction made it.

  • Name: Sarah
  • Bar: Manchester
  • Favourite drink to make: Fancy Pants, because the ingredients written down don’t look to everyone’s taste, however once I convince them I love watching their face when it becomes their new favourite.
  • Why she loves being a bartender: I love the atmosphere in the bar, meeting new people and watching the events unfold, then waking up without a hangover!
  • Funniest moment: A guy came in for a first date, he was really nervous showing me the pictures of the girl, asking for advice. We made sure we gave him some Dutch courage and advise, but he got stood up... however, because had become our favourite person we got him to stick around at the bar for the next 3 hours, he ended up having the time of his life, and we all believe that girl really missed out!

  • Name: Ella
  • Bar: St Paul's
  • Favourite drink to make: Fancy Pants, definitely the most Instagramable
  • Why she loves being a bartender: Meeting new & exciting people
  • Funniest moment: We had a private hire event in the venue for Christmas one year and the company had a karaoke machine. I happened to walk past and got dragged up to the raised area to sing along with the organiser!

  • Name: Georgia
  • Bar: Bishopsgate
  • Favourite drink to make: Blood orange and Vanilla Martini – Just because it’s my favourite too!
  • Why she loves being a bartender: I love the atmosphere of working in a bar and meeting loads of different customers from all different backgrounds.
  • Tell us about your martini journey: I’m actually from Australia so this is my first job here in England at Dirty Martini St Paul’s. I’ve made my way up from bartender to Assistant Manager within 18 months! By showing my enthusiasm and passion for what I do, Dirty Martini have given me great tools and guidance to get where I am now.