Meet our Cardiff team

We opened the doors of our brand new Dirty Martini and first adventure outside of London last month. Needless to say the martinis flowed all night long and the heads were sore the next day… Now that they’ve settled into their new home, we thought it was time to meet our Cardiff team. Being the busy men they are, we could only tie them down for a quick 30 second interview:

  1. What’s your favourite DM cocktail and why?
  2. What’s your favourite cocktail ingredient?
  3. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you?
  4. Where can you find the best hangover breakfast in Cardiff?

Sean Peterson (Assistant Manager):

  1. My favourite cocktail the Basil & Blueberry Mojito – it’s a clever twist on a classic that works really well and is a lot of fun to make
  2. My current favourite ingredient would either be bitters or salt. Both add a huge level of complexity to drinks, and I love the way the enhance different flavour profiles of a drink
  3. Knife, survival guide and a saucepan. I’ve been told I should take a solar powered water distilling tank too, but I’m not totally sold…
  4. It’s got to be Ramon’s – hands DOWN!

Antonio Sabino (Assistant Manager):

  1. My favourite cocktail is definitely the Latina Caramella – I love the contrast between the sweetness of the caramel and the bitter flavours coming through from the Peroni
  2. Bitters is my favourite, I think it’s the best ingredient to play around with and can produce some really interesting drinks
  3. A pillow, matches and a fishing kit
  4. The Plan!

Luke Galea (Assistant General Manager):

  1. I’d have to say the Cheek to Cheek because of how interesting its combination of unusual ingredients is. And the mascarpone foam is DELICIOUS.
  2. I love using a range of unusual ingredients, but my absolute go-to whenever concocting a new drink is Luxardo Maraschino (cherry liqueur)…. It’s just so versatile!
  3. I’ve seen enough ‘stranded island’ material that I’m gonna have to be sensible here; a knife, a solar powered torch and a water filter
  4. Servini’s Café is my place. There are plenty of others around town, but this is the one for me!

Andy McLachlan (General Manager):

  1. Definitely the Mango & Chilli Martini – I love anything with a spicy kick!
  2. Cachaça (a spirit made from sugarcane juice) – it always brings back great memories of all the Caipirinhas I’ve consumed over the years
  3. Going to go off-piste here – chilli flakes, a fine bottle of brandy and the Cardiff legends!
  4. Wherever opens first, to have breakfast before heading home…

Luke Macdonald (Assistant Manager):

  1. The Green Monk is my personal preference on the menu, as it incorporates a lot of really interesting ingredients. With Matcha tea, organic Agave and almond milk, it’s like a healthy tea! With the addition of Chartreuse it’s a total winner in my eyes.
  2. Currently it’s got to be Green Chartreuse, it’s got such a varied flavour profile and works on its own as well as in many different cocktails.
  3. Hmmm three things on a desert island… The first one is easy: a book on ‘how to build a raft’. Number two and three I’m gonna have to go into survival mode and say a knife and a lighter – essential.
  4. It has to be Café 37 in Cathays – you can’t beat a nice full English fry up to sort you out for the day

Want to meet the boys for yourself? Our first Dirty Martini outside of London is now open on St Mary Street in the center of Cardiff!

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