Spring/Summer 2017 Menu

 Oh yes… We’ve done it again: say hello to our brand new menu, packed full of bright Spring flavours and fresh ingredients!

As well as being nominated for this year’s Diageo World Class Bartender competition, our Product Innovation & Development Manager Tommy Cole has SOMEHOW found the time to create some of our best cocktails yet.

Just to give you a little taste, here are Tommy’s tasting notes on a few of the new additions:

 Solerno & Dandelion Martini

A smooth combination of light citrus notes stemming from Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, Creme de Bergamot, fresh lemon juice and orange bitters, picked up with the sweet, fresh tones of homemade lemon verbena syrup, natural bee pollen and coconut water.

Fleur de Lis

The soft undertones of Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka are supported by familiar British summer flavours of fresh strawberry, rhubarb, cucumber, lavender, jasmine and peach – topped with sparkling white wine for an effervescent finish.


 The Butterfly Effect

The base botanicals of Hendricks Gin are fortified with delicate flavours of rose syrup, Teapot Bitters, fresh raspberries and zesty Sichuan pepper, balanced and lengthened with soursop and lime juices, and spritzed with a kaffir lime leaf solution to create a refreshing serve.

 The Bee Hive

If you’re a fan of Espresso Martinis, you’re in for a treat. Patron XO Cafe Tequila sits at the root of this cocktail, with supportive sweet smoky tones shining through from the Mezcal, a delicate glow simmering to the surface with honey syrup, natural bee pollen, organic almond milk and Chocolate Bitters, topped with honeycomb and smoked cinnamon to spice up your senses.

 Prepare to cancel all your weekend plans for the next few months… You’ll need to dedicate some serious tasting time to find your new favourites!