For those of you that don’t know, Imbibe is an annual exhibition held in London for anyone and everyone who works in the drink industry. This year it was held at Olympia and whilst it’s always an amazing event, this one was particularly exciting as our Product & Innovation Manager, Tom Cole won himself first place.

The competition was based  on ‘cocktails on ice’, challenging the mixologists to present a cocktail that made an exciting an innovative use of ice. Tom introduced his ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ cocktail with a very cool, “Judges, I’m not going to kidnap you, but will hopefully capture your imagination…”, and capture their imaginations he did!

What won Tom the victor’s crown was the genius behind including Butterfly Pea flowers in his ice which caused the drink to change colour as different ingredients were added. This was made even more mesmerizing as the ice was moulded to the glass, giving the illusion the whole glass was changing colour. The detail didn’t end there as the cocktail also included, Miracle Berry which affects your tastes of sweet and sour giving the lucky consumer a unique and exciting flavour.

Well done Tom, you’ve done us proud! To read more from Imbibe, click here.