Introducing the WITCHES' BREW

Get a taste of our spell-tacular colour changing shocktail this Halloween, available at £7 from Friday 27th - Tuesday 31st October.

Boomerangs at the ready witches!


For this cocktail you will need:

50ml Plantation 3 Star Rum

20ml 'Magic' Rhubarb Syrup (Butterfly Pea Flower infused Rhubarb Syrup)

5ml Lime Juice (in miniature vile)

Garnish: Pomegranate & Sweet Liquorice Syrup Rim, Mini Vile suspended in Teabag



1. Prep glassware – dip rim of Viitta Coupette in pomegranate & sweet liquorice syrup & let stand to create drip effect.

2. Prep garnish – fill 5ml mini vial with fresh lime juice & seal with cork, place inside draw-string teabag, trim bamboo clip and attach to side of glassware.

3. Add Plantation 3 Star Rum & ‘Magic’ Rhubarb Syrup in base of Boston tin.

4. Add cubed ice to tin and shake until chilled.

5. Double strain into pre-prepped glass

And for your final trick, add the fresh lime juice for the show stopping colour change.